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Big Fat Fiasco

Low-Carb fever is spreading; but there are a number of people that don't really understand the mechanics of the choices they are making.

The Atkins Diet, the Anabolic Diet, the Ketogenic Diet, the Zone Diet, the Paleo Diet,The 17 Day Diet, and so on and so on until you're dizzy.... they are all tweaked versions (so that you buy their related products and books?) that are all basically saying Cut Down the Carbs Already!  Is that really a good idea?

If cutting carbs is such a great idea why have we believed for so long that fat is a bad thing and low fat, high carb foods are the thing for good health and happy hearts?

As a nation, and world, that is growing ever heavier eating what's become a traditional North America diet, and with heart disease and diabetes becoming "epidemics" we have to ask: is the way we've been eating really all that good?

What happens, physically, when we eat carbs and sugars?

Below you'll find a series of 5 videos that are a brilliant, short overview that will answer some important questions. Use them as your own starting point in research and ask questions that really need answering.

Note: Not everyone has issues with insulin. Not everyone needs to be on a low-carb diet. But the evidence would suggest that many, most?, of us might be at a point in our lives when a bit of investigation wouldn't hurt.










Note from Mona: I've been eating low-carb and high fat (yes, really) for close to a couple of months now. I've researched a fair bit before starting and have talked to a number of highly intelligent people that eat this way by choice. I've lost all the weight I wanted to, have more energy at any time since I was in my 20s (a very long time ago!) and sleep better than I ever have at any time in my life.

I was a Great Bread Lover (and long time vegetarian) and could not ever imagine a day that would be complete, happy, or even bearable without bread. Much bread, lots of bread, I needed bread.... I was wrong. :D  Who knew it would be so easy?

I am trying to share as many of the recipes my family is discovering and as many of the experiences this change in eating has resulted in on my own website www.monasims.com. Feel free to visit. Feel free to drop by the store and ask questions. I'm not a doctor, but I can tell you what is happening to me. I hope it helps.

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